Honoring Valor and Integrity

Without A Roof for homeless Veterans is a nonprofit organization goverened by 501c3 status, to help our nation's hereos successfully address the challenges of life after military service.  

Nothing is more important to us than giving back to those that have served.

2020 was not an easy year for anyone, but especially more so for our homeless U.S. Veterans. Thanks to a donation from CVS Caremark we will be opening our first home for homeless U.S. Veterans in the Greater Kansas City area. Implementing our two-year program, we will house four Veterans. The house will have an assigned vehicle to enable these Veterans to generate income through ride-share and food delivery app opportunites  while they look for long-term employment. 

Our goal is to provide the support and time needed for these Veterans to have optimal success to not only just get back on their feet but to flourish.

2021 Monarch House Opening

Predator Platoon

1-35AR Battalion Scouts

We are also proud to support the Predator Platoon, 1-35AR Battalion Scouts while they are deployed and pray for their swift and safe return home.

2021 Sponsor

We are still in need of furniture, clothes, household supplies, and a car for the home, so ANY and ALL donations are much needed and appreciated.